The Friends of Cwmorthin Slate Quarry

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Join the Friends of Cwmorthin

By becoming a member of the Friends of Cwmorthin, you'll be able to discuss and have input on the many different aspects of the mine and the various projects that go on within it. You'll be able to attend work days or work weekends and talk to other members to plan exploration trips.

Being a member of the FOC is totally free, just sign up via the form below. We don't have AGM's and so forth, all our planning and discussions take place on our community forum, to which you will have access as a FOC member.

Please complete the form below to become a member of FOC and access the community forum.

Friends of Cwmorthin Registration Form

Please complete this information accurately to enable us to keep our records up to date.

Extra Information About You

This information can help us put the right teams together for the right jobs, we would appreciate your honest answers.

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Best Days and Times to be Invited to Work Projects:

Useful Skills, Experience and Qualifications

By submitting this form, you will automatically become a member of Friends of Cwmorthin until such time as you wish to be removed from the member list. By becoming a member, other members may contact you to discuss the mine and works projects, and you'll be able to contact the other members yourself.