The Friends of Cwmorthin Slate Quarry

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About the Friends of Cwmorthin

We, the Friends of Cwmorthin (or FOC for short!) act as custodians for the historic Cwmorthin Slate Quarry. Working on an informal and voluntary basis, we are passionate about the mine and believe it should be looked after and enjoyed.

We comprise of members all over the country who are just interested in the mine and what goes on. Periodically we organise work days, weekends or evenings to complete some project in the mine which might be replacing old timers or installing new rigging. FOC is headed by a small steering-group who perform the day-to-day administration.

The FOC maintains the gates on the mine (installed at the request of the land owner) and manage access to it (we are a registered BCA "Access Controlling Body") as well as keep the entrances clear and safe.

Our keystone belief is that Cwmorthin should be easily available for people to enjoy without unnecessary hindrance or bureaucracy.

Becoming a member of FOC is free and allows participation in all discussions on the mine and its projects, and the opportunity to voice an opinion on the various issues that affect the mine. Please see the Join Us page for more information.